Pre Registration Email Validation

  • Version : 1.0.3
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  • Joomla : 3


Pre-Registration Email Validation plugin allows your users to validate their email id before regist$

How it works :-

  • An extra button and text field will be shown for sending and entering validation code.
  • User need to click on "Send Code"  after filling email id. User will receive an email$
  • User need to enter that validation code in the text field, and than click on Submit button$
  • It supports core Joomla! registration and JomSocial regi$

 Advantage :-

  • It will reduce the AUTO SPAM for registration to zero. User has to enter valid email id. I$
  • It works on client side as well as on server side.
  • You are not required to enable Email Activation functionality.
  • User will not make any type mistake in email id while registration.
  • No need to worry about newsletter bounce. If spam entries are not in the user table then n$

If you are not using jQuery in your template, then in the parameters of pluign, you need to enable load jQuery option.

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